Release Notes

March 17, 2021

Version 3.16 – Enhancement

Items Added current time back to running timers Inventory Allow imported adjustments on POs with No Inventory Additional Settings Added contact number to merge contact Import…
November 4, 2020

3.16 – Public

TRY OUR NEW RELEASE NOTE TRAINING UI Dashboard PO Display Updates Deposit Display Updates Communication Record Display Updates Items Timer Display Updates Proof File Selector  Feature…
September 23, 2020

Version 3.15 – Enhancement

Items Added a Press Group Filter to Item Search Added Print Outsourced PO to additional pages Added Apply to All Option for discounts on default bulk…
June 4, 2020

Version 3.15

Try our Release Note Training Files Auto and manual thumbnail generation  Feature Forum Request Deleting proof files  Feature Forum Request The ability to delete files that have…
June 4, 2020

Version 3.14

Try our Release Note Training UI Changed pencil icon to eye icons on pages you enter into a view Stylized tables on customers, contacts, stock, supply,…
June 4, 2020

Version 3.13

TRY OUR NEW RELEASE NOTE TRAINING General Added a help icon to most pages with access to related articles, FAQ, videos and forum topics Customers Added Sales…
June 4, 2020

Version 3.12 – Enhancement

General Single Sign-On (SAML)
June 4, 2020

Version 3.12

General UI and UX Improvements 3 New Edit Modal Windows (Contacts, Orders and Stock)   Feature Forum Request Updated our drag n drop library to work with touch screen devices Changed…
June 4, 2020

Version 3.11

General Tasks can now be accessed by the main menu  Feature Forum Request Tasks due will be counted with a badge Clicking the tasks icon in the…