Release Notes

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Release Notes

July 22, 2021

Version 3.17 – Enhancements


  • Prefill order name


  • ‘Averaged’ option for outsourced scales

Online Ordering

  • Prefill Order Name
  • reCAPTCHA on Registration
  • Added  online-order class for Order Status
July 20, 2021

Version 3.17 – Enhancements


  • Press Edit changed to modals
June 23, 2021

Version 3.17 – Enhancements


  • Credit Card Enhancements
    • Sending email addresses for online payments to Card Processor
    • Send invoice number to Card Processor for reference
      • If multiple invoices, will send the phrase ‘Multiple Invoices’
    • Transaction number will be input into reference number field, if field is blank
  • Tasks
    • Search filter changed to multi assign to
    • Page load speed review
    • Filter by logged in user security option