Feel free to download and use any of the resources below.


Testimonials One-Sheet

Don't just take our word for it... This PDF includes testimonials from current DocketManager Customers

Case Studies One-Sheet

This PDF includes an indepth review of some of our user’s struggles and successes with previous processes, DocketManager and the buying process.

DocketManager 30-Second Commercial

This mp4 video is an animated commercial with more information about our MIS and W2P.

DocketManager Informational Brochure

This PDF contains information on our company, our product, and new features we have implemented the past year.

DocketManager Logo & Graphic Standards Manual

This zipped folder contains out logo in various formats as well as our Graphic Standards Manual. Please read through this manual before using our logo in any material.

Free E-Book: 4 Time Consuming Tasks You Should Automate Now

The need to automate your business and be able to manage it from absolutely anywhere is key to creating a stable and long lasting business. So, how can you accomplish this without shaving years off your life, or without losing your hair? The simple answer is automation, but where do you start? In this free e-book we are going to unveil the 4 secrets to success that we wish we would have known when we were in your shoes.

Free E-Book: 7 Benefits of Online Ordering

The key to running a successful company is keeping up with the technology available in the industry. For the most part, printers are great at keeping up with the latest print and finishing technologies to produce better products faster. However, where many printers stumble is actually committing to implementing technologies that will help sustain and grow the business both short and long term.
If you own or operate a print shop, you need to look into the value of having a leading-edge online ordering portal. This free e-book contains the top 7 benefits of offering an online portal to your customers.

Free E-Book: 6 Social Media Ideas To Increase Brand Awareness

To grow and succeed in today’s digital economy, it’s imperative to get your name out there so that consumers know you exist. Even in the print industry, you must learn to adapt to the times and utilize newer platforms in order to market your company successfully. Once consumers know you are there, they are more likely to give you an opportunity to earn their business.

Free E-Book: Choosing the Right Software (MIS & W2P)

Searching for the right software can be a daunting task. Sifting through what can seem like a vast sea of choices without any clear direction can be overwhelming. What this book aims to achieve is to be a guiding light to lead you to the right MIS software.