Version 3.14

Version 3.13
June 4, 2020
Version 3.15
June 4, 2020

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  • Changed pencil icon to eye icons on pages you enter into a view
  • Stylized tables on customers, contacts, stock, supply, orders and items into card views
  • Renamed fields and placeholders to be more specific
    • i.e. Name is now Order Name
  • Alphabetized or numerically sorts modals and tables that didn’t previously have a sort


  • Added file repositories to Order, Customer, Contacts, Stock and Supply   Feature Forum Request
  • Completely separated Employees and Contacts
  • Added tool tips to most screens to give more information about each field
  • Review most import tools and made changes to aid in imports and required field feedback


  • Changed the quick add contact modal to the new contact modal


  • Added action menus to each Customer on search
  • Now displaying address name in the details panel  Feature Forum Request
  • Added a city search filter
  • Added custom color pickers to override portal colors


  • Added action menus to each Contact on search and Customer view


  • Split Quotes and Orders to separate pages  Feature Forum Request
  • Added action menus to each order and quote on search, Customer View and Contact View
  • Added edit options to the Customer and Contact in the details panel
  • Now displaying address name in the details panel
  • Now display and link to orders quotes turned into or reorders or requotes   Feature Forum Request
  • Change so new orders will use the Order Edit modal
  • Added new customer and contact  modals to the Order Edit screen   Feature Forum Request


  • Added edit options to the Customer and Contact in the details panel
  • When changing a stock the run size will now change based on the stock size
  • Added the ability to search reverse sizes in the Add Stock Modal
  • Added a bulk tool to add and remove statuses at the same time   Feature Forum Request
  • Moved Thumbnail and Preview Files to the File table available on orders, quotes and products
  • Product Attributes
    • Changed attributes lists to have a drag n drop sort order
    • Changed attributes in lists to have a drag n drop sort order
    • Changed Add to Price to be attribute specific


  • Added action menus to each stock on search
  • Added a default GL setting for all new stocks   Feature Forum Request
  • Added a starting purchase order number and prefix   Feature Forum Request


  • Add the ability to create Outsourced Types and assign GLs to track sales separately


  • Renamed the Avery label to Shipping Label   Feature Forum Request
  • Added an additional address export for Customers
  • Added 30+ New Icons for Custom Statuses
  • Added a custom option to add any additional Font Awesome icons


  • Integrated with another payment processor Card Connect
  • Added the ability to have multi card processors connected


  • Added more variables for :
    • Customers
      • Online Ordering Section   Feature Forum Request
      • Deleting Customers   Feature Forum Request
    • Contacts
      • Deleting Contacts
    • Orders
      • Creating Payments
      • Creating/Importing Shipments   Feature Forum Request
      • Deleting Shipments   Feature Forum Request
    • Items
      • Deleting Items
      • Timer Setup
        • Minimum Type
        • Minimum Time
        • Cost Override
        • Price Override
      • Commissionable
      • Taxable
      • Edit Records
    • Accounting
      • Deposits Tab   Feature Forum Request
      • Payments Tab
      • Entries Tab
      • Revenue Breakdown tab
      • GL Account Breakdown tab
      • Closeout Tab
        • Delete
    • Settings
      • Admin > Account
      • Admin > Configuration
      • Admin > Custom Export
      • Admin > Integrations
      • Admin > Security
      • Admin > Time Clock   Feature Forum Request
        • New
        • Edit
        • Delete
        • Print
  • Changed variable for:
    • Inventory – Stock Edit   Feature Forum Request
      • now includes markup and price scale tables on view
    • Inventory – Supply Edit   Feature Forum Request
      • now includes price scale tables on view

Online Ordering

  • Add a print statement option on Online Balances   Feature Forum Request
  • Added a registration welcome email template   Feature Forum Request
  • Added a system status to identify orders generated from the online
  • Added a search bar for catalogs   Feature Forum Request
  • Added an internal name for catalogs  Feature Forum Request
  • Added duplicate buttons to themes and portals
  • Extended the online search feature to work with product item tags  Feature Forum Requestt