Version 3.15

Version 3.14
June 4, 2020
June 10, 2020
June 10, 2020

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  • Auto and manual thumbnail generation  Feature Forum Request
  • Deleting proof files  Feature Forum Request
    • The ability to delete files that have been associated with a proof record
  • Create proof from file table
    • A shortcut icon has been added to files to use to create a proof
  • File URLS
    • The ability to provide a file URL instead of an uploaded image
  • Ability to set a file upload as required


  • Additional and restyled bulk actions


  • Additional and restyled bulk actions


  • Added total to the Sales page


  • Additional and restyled bulk actions  Feature Forum Request
  • Quote override indication on top level
  • Run Size Autofill on Quick Add modal
  • Added a Press Group Filter to Item Search  Added Enhancement
  • Added Print Outsourced PO to additional pages  Added Enhancement
  • Added Apply to All Option for discounts on default bulk action mode  Added Enhancement


  • Stats Dashboard
    • A dashboard with an overview of the items in production
  • Queue stats   Feature Forum Request
    • Stats for each type of queue that adjust to filtered results
  • Active User Queues
    • A queue for each active user that displays all the work assigned to them regardless of queue
  • Drag n drop sorting   Feature Forum Request
    • A custom sort is availvable for each workflow and active user queue
  • Customizable Views   Feature Forum Request
    • Fields
      • The ability to choose the fields visible for each queue
    • Filters
      • The ability to choose what search filters display for each queue and the order in which they display
    • Statuses
      • The ability to choose which system or custom statuses display on production
  • Multi Assign To field
    • The ability to assign more than one person to an order item
  • Queue access
    • The ability to give access to only the queues a user needs
  • Proof approval and due options
    • The ability to have a proof due date calculate and dates calculate off a proof approval date
  • Due dates from today   Feature Forum Request
    • The ability to calculate due dates from today instead of order, due or proof approval date
  • Activity tracking for queue status   Feature Forum Request
  • Completed status to remove items from WIP
  • Priority Statuses
    • Ability to sort them in priority order
  • Additional filters
    • Stock Status
    • Proof Due Date
    • Proof Approval Date
    • Item Description
  • Sort menu and additional fall back sorts
  • Added Bulk Actions to Notes  Added Enhancement


  • Add Online Name to Stock Import/Export
  • Additional links on Stock View and PO
  • Stock PO export
  • Stock Export
    • Added Online Name column
  • Changed the Inventory PO page and document to sort alphabetically by default Added Enhancement


  • Payment Save and New   Feature Forum Request
  • Commission Export
    • Added Item Name


  • Tax Report
    • Added Totals


  • Universal tags   Feature Forum Request
    • Tags have been reworked so the all tags and formatting work the same on documents, emails and cardviews
  • Document change log   Feature Forum Request
  • Ability to change
      • Size
        • With fields on the UI for user’s to input
      • Margins
        • With fields on the UI for user’s to input
      • Accent and Font colors
        • With fields on the UI for user’s to input, will replace colors for fields using accent and font classes
  • Ability to generate
    • One workorder per item or multi items on one workorder
    • One purchase order per outsourced or multi outsourced on one purchase order
    • Group shipping invoices
    • Documents for multiple shipments
      • The ability to bulk print invoices, packing slips and labels for more than one shipment at time
    • PDF reports   Feature Forum Request
      • Sales
      • Taxes
      • AR
      • Aging Summary
    • Print and Email Receipt on payments   Feature Forum Request
    • Stock Inventory Label   Feature Forum Request
    • Transactional Statement   Feature Forum Request


  • Workflow
  • Stats on queues
  • Stats page

Additional Settings

  • Time clock total   Feature Forum Request
  • Auto set invoice due date   Feature Forum Request
    • The ability to set days on payment terms to use when calculating invoice due date.
  • Supply Import
  • Added Contact links to Portal Edit