Version 3.13

Version 3.12 – Enhancement
June 4, 2020
Version 3.14
June 4, 2020



  • Added a help icon to most pages with access to related articles, FAQ, videos and forum topics





  • Purchase order status will change to sent when an email is sent
  • Stock Edit Modal
    • added the ability to create colors, finishes, weights and sizes when creating or editing a stock    Feature Forum Request
  • Bulk Remove Stock Tags
    • Added a remove option in bulk actions and change the behavior of the stock import/export
  • Track Stock Inventory
    • Changed the system to always track PO’s and stock usage
    • Current Track Stock option will become Inventory Warning to warn of no stock or prevent posting on items with no stock to pull
  • Added Item Reservations to add to PO    Feature Forum Request
    • Item View (in or out of edit mode) added an Add to PO button
    • Items will now track the PO’s they are on
    • From a PO you add by an item that is Stock Requires Order (that isn’t on order currently)
    • Stock will automatically allocate when PO is received
  • Added the ability to import intital on hand values
  • Added an import tool to adjust on hand records


  • Manually Enter Invoice Date   Feature Forum Request
    • Renamed to Can Manually Enter Invoice Date
    • Will now hold any date the is entered or if left blank will fill with today


  • Accounts Receivable
    • Added bottom totals for Invoice Total, Balance and Paid
  • Customer Deposits
    • New report that provides the Customer Deposits as they were up until a specified end date
  • Sales by Customer
    • Added totals to Subtotal, Shipping, Postage, Tax and Total columns
  • Sales by Sales Rep
    • Added totals to Subtotal, Shipping, Postage, Tax and Total columns
  • Stock Usage
    • New report that provides usage information for each stock


  • Added Budget support  Feature Forum Request
    • Can create budgets for one time, specified periods or open ended
    • Can roll over amounts and include shipping, taxes or postage
    • Can assign to contacts, and customers for admin access
    • Used at an item or online product level
  • Added ability to edit attached documents on email records
  • Orders/Items Export  Feature Forum Request   Added Enhancement
    • Added Item Cost, Graphic Cost and Shipping Cost columns

Online Ordering

  • Added the option to choose your default portal (for
  • When logging into, user will be directed to their default portal