Version 2.13

Version 2.12
June 4, 2020
Version 2.14
June 4, 2020

New Features

  • Optimization of Timer
    • Added ability to assign a Quick Timer to an existing Timer.
    • Added ability to delete Quick Timers
    • Item Timers are removed from the Timer control when deleted
    • Item Timer statuses now colour coded
    • When a Timer is started/stopped at the Order Item or Dockets level, it is reflected in the Timer drop down, and vice versa
    • Timer button added back to the Graphics section of the Order Item page
  • Auto recalculating removed when changing items on the Order Item Edit page
  • Optimized speed of Sales screen
  • Added ability on the Orders page to export a CSV based on specific search filters
  • Added ability to make payments on Unposted Orders
  • Removed Save button on individual Stock Sizes and added Save button at the page level
  • Removed the locking of Invoice Name to the Job Group on Order Item Edit
  • Price Per Piece variable added to Reports


  • General bug squashes