Version 2.12

Version 2.11
June 4, 2020
Version 2.13
June 4, 2020

New Features

  • Avalon integration
  • Avalon Payment Gateway settings added to Maintenance -> Accounting -> Payment Gateway
  • Accounts Payable Contact removed from Contact level and added to the Customer -> Info tab
  • Improvements made to the Press Edit page
  • Bulk delete added to Department Items
  • Added ability to reorder Quotes
  • Department Item categories now sorted by Sort Index
  • Date format options available under Maintenance -> Settings
  • Added Vendor Code to Stock search page
  • Added ability to override Minimum Department Item Price on Order Item Edit
  • Improvements made to Order Item Cut Prices
  • Added Run Price in press calculations for Digital Presses
  • Stock Weight and Stock Finish added to Stock Column on Order Edit page


  • General bug squashes