Version 3.17 – Beta – Tentative Release May 3

April 7, 2021
March 22, 2021
April 21, 2021
April 20, 2021



  • General cleanup
  • Bulk Action reorganization
    • Changed order of first 8 fields
  • Customer Good modal changed to cardview
  • Group Template modal changes  Feature Request
  • Additional tool tips
  • Department Item Page layout changes
  • Department Item Modal layout changes


  • Added a field for multiple Accounts Payable contacts or email addresses  Feature Request
  • Added default communications and language to customer defaults  Feature Request
  • Customer Default Option selection when creating a customer  Feature Request


  • Added a Contact created date
    • Available column on export file


  • Added sub menus  Feature Request


  • Shipment CSV Changes  Feature Request
    • Added columns
      • Id for import/export
      • Cost
      • Default Handling Fee Type
      • Default Handling Fee Amount
      • Add Price
  • Added Shipment Export options  Feature Request
  • Add Group functionality to shipments  Feature Request
  • Shippo multi label  Feature Request


  • Stock Add to Price toggle added
  • Department Item Add to Price added


  • Supplier code length extended (to 75 characters)


  • Customer Number add to Applied Order search on Entries
  • Links to Order from Entries  Feature Request
  • Expanded GL Account Breakdown to Show Items/Orders Feature Request


  • New
    • Detailed Tax Report
    • Customer Profit Report  Feature Request

Online Ordering

  • Registration updates
    • Added address fields
    • Change username to prefill with email but is editable
  • Added tracking number(s) from shipment(s) to Order Status page  Feature Request
  • Ability to print an invoice from online
  • Added Quantity bulk actions to Product Search
  • Additional product search filters
    • Press
    • Stock
      • Name
      • Weight
      • Size
      • Color
      • Finish
  • Added Item Export to products  Feature Request


  • Zapier triggers for outgoing information  Feature Request
    • Customer Created/Updated (import excluded)
    • Contact Created/Updated (import excluded)
    • Vendor Created/Updated  (import excluded)
    • Supplier Created/Updated  (import excluded)
    • Payment Created
    • Quote Converted to Order
    • Order Placed Online
    • Sync an Order
    • Order Posted
    • Queue Changed
    • Proof Status Changed
  • Workflow Templates  Feature Request
    • Added ability to create XML, JDF or JSON templates that can be sent through a hotfolder connection with a file
  • Customer Canvas editor
  • Stripe Integration
  • Add tax rates to additional address import/export
  • Added Total Cost and Price columns to Timer Export
  • HTML tags
    • Thumbnail Feature Request
    • FIle URL
  • Added Page Entry values smart lists and session memory
  • Canned email activity logs