Version 3.11

Version 3.10
June 4, 2020
Version 3.12
June 4, 2020


  • Tasks can now be accessed by the main menu  Feature Forum Request
    • Tasks due will be counted with a badge
    • Clicking the tasks icon in the main menu will display all of your tasks
  • Notes on orders, customers, items, and more, can now have multiple types
  • Most dropdowns that contained Yes/No options have received a graphical overhaul   Feature Forum Request
    • These will now be displayed as On/Off switches
  • All dropdown and list boxes have been revamped.
    • New functionality includes: Option groups, custom inputs, and more!
  • WYSIWYG editors are now resizable   Feature Forum Request
  • Generated documents are now editable after printing
    • Users can now make in-place edits to documents after they’ve been generated
  • Trailing zeroes have been removed from dozens of places throughout the application
    • Item Summary View
      • Graphic Section > Graphic Discount
    • Item View
      • Pricing Tab > Quote Panel View Mode
        • Stock Markup
      • Pricing Tab > Quote Panel Edit Mode
        • Stock Cost
        • Stock Markup
        • Stock Price
        • Press Cost
        • Press Markup
        • Press Price
        • Finishing Cost
        • Finishing Markup
        • Cutting Cost
        • Cutting Markup
        • Cutting Price
      • Outsourced Tab Edit Mode
        • Outsourced Markup
      • Department Item Edit
        • Pieces Per Hour
        • Setup Cost
        • Setup Price
        • Cost Per Piece
        • Price Per Piece
        • Cost Per Hour
        • Price Per Hour
    • Stock Search
      • Stock Tab
        • On Order Column
        • On Hand Column
        • Available Column
    • Stock View
      • Inventory Section
        • On Hand Column
        • Available Column


Orders & Items


  • GL Accounts for Tax types can now be set for all tax types by setting the parent
  • A few changes have been made to the payment edit window
    • An edit pencil on the order number will now redirect to the order view page
    • A new column will display the amount of the order payment
  • It is no longer possible to make a credit card payment into a deposit that is balanced or part of a closeout
  • An optional email address can now be specified when making credit card payments through the payment gateway
    • This address will default to that of the accounts payable contact for the customer
    • The order contact will be used if no accounts payable contact is set for the customer
  • Commissions searches can now be filtered by the following date ranges
    • Posted Date
    • Order Paid Date



  • New Report – Average Monthly Sale Report Per Customer found in the Analysis section
    • Filtered by Sales Rep and Year
    • Reports on the Months, Number of Orders, Total, and Average Total per Order
  • The Sales By Customer report has been updated
    • A new column for Postage has been added to the right of Shipping
    • Taxes has been moved to the right of Postage
    • Entries are now added to the report, included in the Total column
    • GL Account allocation and Tax allocation are now included in the Subtotal and Taxes columns, respectively
  • The Sales By Customer By Month report has been updated
    • Entries and GL Account allocations are now included in the Totals column
  • The Sales By Customer By Year report has been updated
    • GL Account allocations are now included in the Totals column
  • The following reports will no longer output times in addition to dates
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Deposit Payments
    • Outstanding Order Items
    • Outstanding Quote Items
    • Sales Report
  • The Orders By Customer report has been updated
    • Can now be filtered by Order Date and Posted Date
    • A new row is added to the end of the report including
      • The total number of Orders
      • The sum total
      • The average total per order
  • Production and item exports will now include the following information as new columns
    • To the right of Versions
      • Sheets
      • Pages
      • Template Group
      • Template Name
      • Template Option
    • Between Order and Due Date
      • Order Date
      • Graphics Date
      • Press Date
      • Finishing Date
      • Shipping Date
      • Due Date