Version 2.18

Version 2.17
June 4, 2020
Version 2.19
June 4, 2020

New Features

    • New Ticket Submitting Process
    • New Deployment/Update Notices
    • New Terms introduced
    • Proof Approval Report
      • New System Report for Proof Approval
    • Proof Approval Process Added
      • Proof Approval report is sent to customer
      • Customer is able to approve proof or request changes from their browser
      • New proof note section added to Order Item
      • Can see status of proof in the Dockets tab

Note: The Customer part of the proof approval is currently only supported with Chrome and Firefox browsers. Download Chrome


Bug Fixes

  • Speed increase for Order Item Edit page
  • Spaces no longer removed from Name Description for online orders
  • Cancelled online orders are actually cancelled