Version 2.17

Version 2.16
June 4, 2020
Version 2.18
June 4, 2020

New Features

  • Department Items Multiplier
    • can multiply department items on the Order Item level
    • can lock to various attributes, such as Lots, Quantity or Passes
    • Multiplying Department Items
  • Updated Customer Import
  • Prioritize Dockets
    • can add specific times to dockets
    • can now specify hours and minutes to default times
  • File Manager for Customers
    • 50mb storage limit for customers
    • can upload a variety of files, including AI, PNG, JPG and EPS
    • File Manager
  • Layout & Design improvements to online ordering
  • Added active option to stock update tool
  • New method to quick add a contact
  • New shipping email template