September 23, 2020

Version 3.15 – Enhancement
September 23, 2020
September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020

Version 3.15

  • Fixed an issue with the print statement feature online not working
  • Fixed an issue with product pricing not recalculating until the pricing tab is saved
  • Fixed an issue with customer good depletions doubling value in online orders
  • Fixed an issue with Generate Invoice Documents affecting Generate Quote Documents
  • Fixed an issue with void orders creating too many queue records
  • Fixed an issue with compress thumbnail sizes
  • Fixed an issue with hide prices emails showing 0 instead of blank
  • Fixed an issue with the approve checkout button becoming mislabeled
  • Fixed an issue with Save and Add New Press Groups overriding the last
  • Fixed an issue with new online prefills not working
  • Moved the completed queue to the bottom of the list in Sales
  • Made some styling changes to the Document Activity Logs
  • Made some styling changes to the Sales page
  • Added Bulk Actions to Notes
  • Added a Press Group Filter to Item Search
  • Added Print Outsourced PO to additional pages
  • Added Apply to All Option for discounts on default bulk action mode
  • Changed the Inventory PO page and document to sort alphabetically by default