September 27, 2018

September 11, 2018
June 4, 2020
October 16, 2018
June 4, 2020

Version 3.07

  • Changed the UI so credit card refunds are more intuitive
  • Fixed an issue where the Order Due hour setting for Ship Date would change to the same value as day
  • Added the Region field on Credit Card Modal
  • Adjusted the HTML editor to show more lines

Version 3.10

  • Fixed the {{Sheets}} tag so it pulls in a placeholder value on workorders
  • Fixed an issue with the File Group tag on workorders
  • Fixed an issue with allocating stock when pricing per version
  • Fixed the sheets for cost display on production when pricing per version
  • Fixed an issue the vendor contact importer
  • Fixed an issue where post and pre cut price couldn’t be separate values
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t save without an error after removing a username
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a contact online didn’t delete them
  • Fixed an issue where outsourced notes disappeared when editing the outsourced section
  • Fixed an issue with quote thumbnails not generating
  • Fixed an issue where default quantity on products with specify quantity is set didn’t populate
  • Fixed an issue where the Locations heading covered the breadcrumbs when adding a new vendor/supplier contact
  • Fixed an issue with paging on contact table for portals
  • Fixed an issue where pulled or allocated statuses would stay on duplicates and inserts
  • Fixed an issue where Customer Tag counts were reporting deleted customers
  • Fixed an issue where carrier name wasn’t being carried to the MIS side from an online order
  • Fixed an issue where preview files were not copied when products were duplicated
  • Fixed an issue with graphics amount displaying on invoices with groups
  • Fixed an issue where orders with shiping amounts but no items were not showing on tax reports

Version 3.11 – Beta

  • Fixed an issue with Download and Hotfolder buttons remaining enabled after selected items are unselected
  • Fixed an issue where an AP Contact could not be unselected
  • Fixed an issue where fixing multi day time clock entries don’t calculate dates properly
  • Fixed an issue with an error on registration page
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes cause the Pre Cut Outs to be incorrect
  • Fixed an issue that displayed an incorrect balance on the Orders Included in Payment table