January 9, 2019

January 3, 2019
June 4, 2020
January 9, 2019
June 4, 2020

Version 3.11

  • Fixed an issue where a stock would show a PO record after it was deleted from the PO
  • Fixed an issue where an online approver would remove all items from a cart but cart would still show on approval page
  • Fixed an issue when creating a new template option on a new template, the template name shows as inactive until the template option’s first save
  • Fixed an issue with the Postal/Zip headers being incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with the tag {{UseEstimatedGraphicTime}} only displaying false
  • Fixed an issue where a save on a from scratch item would not populate the other tabs
  • Fixed an issue where hitting save multiple times before creating an item from scratch would create multiple items
  • Fixed an issue where hitting edit on an email attachment, making no changes and hitting update could result in a blank attachment
  • Fixed an issue with a bad record in marketing lists causing an error when trying to add all contacts
  • Fixed an issue where adding a tag to vendor would change to say inactive after a save
  • Fixed an issue where splitting items to a new order would flag them with a quote status
  • Fixed an issue when using a job template with a note, the note type would change to generic on the item
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating stock would throw an error for duplicate supplier code.  Copy will also be amended to the supplier code.
  • Fixed an issue where calculated ups would not display on press view
  • Fixed an issue where the entries total for outsourced vendors on an item displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where a contact email wasn’t always being sent to Authorize.net

Version 3.12

  • Fixed an issue with the tag {{UseEstimatedGraphicTime}} only displaying false
  • Fixed an issue where production queues using a graphic view were displaying one line item per proof status
  • Fixed an issue with missing fields on the custom export
  • Fixed an issue where an item sometimes wasn’t recognizing default bleed values
  • Fixed an issue where the Grand Total display was sometimes not including discounts
  • Fixed an issue with new contacts online not being granted access to products
  • Removed column sorting from quantity table in edit mode.  Issue was that quantity was missing a sort option, to add would be a large amount of work so headers have been temporarily removed.
  • Fixed an issue with the pay button not enabling and focus going back to previous field