February 5, 2019

January 29, 2019
June 4, 2020
February 6, 2019
June 4, 2020

Version 3.12

  • Fixed an issue where removing a contact from a security role could remove their other roles
  • Fixed an issue where the commissionable switch on a department item would change to yes when added to a press
  • Fixed an issue with shippo shipments not rounding on the 0.05 the same on MIS and the online
  • Fixed an issue where the export on commissions did not match the on screen results when using the Order Paid date range filter
  • Fixed an issue where an error could occur bulk removing department items from products
  • Fixed an issue where up values would differ on the stock tab vs imposition tab due to default gutter values
  • Fixed an issue where a Password Reset URL could cause an error for logged in users
  • Fixed an issue where page results did not update when toggling to previous year on the sales page
  • Fixed an issue where an invoice could not be generated on an order with a payment that had no deposit code
  • Fixed an issue where search results were inconsistent when filtering by posted date on the item search screen