3.16 – Public

October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020
November 9, 2020
November 9, 2020



  • Dashboard
    • PO Display Updates
    • Deposit Display Updates
    • Communication Record Display Updates
  • Items
    • Timer Display Updates
    • Proof File Selector  Feature Request
    • Some more friendly error messages
  • Fixed some page and tab name updates
  • Updated some default sorts on tables, action menus and drop downs  Feature Request
  • Made some text corrections


  • Ability to upload files for avatars
  • Ability to bulk remove Online Shipping Options in bulk actions


  • Ability to upload files for avatars  Feature Request
  • Additional fields for import/export  Feature Request
    • Require PO
    • Credit Card Processing Account
    • Payment
    • Default Portal
    • Default Budget
    • Budget Required
    • Approvers


  • Add Notes and Tasks added to 3-Dot Action menu
  • Timer cost being used with priced by Estimated Graphics  Feature Request
  • Added current time back to running timers  Added Enhancement


  • Stock Export  Feature Request
    • Added Available and Value Left columns
  • Customer Good Export  Feature Request
    • Added Available and Value Left columns
  • Stock Import
    • Markup and cost scales will now delete and re-add on import
  • Stock Price Update
    • Cost scales will now delete and re-add on import
  • Allow imported adjustments on POs with No Inventory  Added Enhancement


  • Bulk Email Statements  Feature Request
  • Increased Entry name character limit to 150
  • Removed quotes from entries


  • Changes
    • Add Quote Date column to Wins, Losses & Outstanding  Feature Request
    • Sorted Tax Report alphabetically
    • Added 45 Day Total to Aging Summary
    • Added 45 Day Total to Accounts Receivable


  • Multiple file download  Feature Request
  • New File Uploader
    • Multi File Upload  Feature Request
    • Drag n Drop  Feature Request
    • Progress Bar


  • Ability to upload avatars for users
  • New UI

Online Ordering

  • Multiple catalog trees per product  Feature Request
  • Product Access Feature Request
    • Products will now be hidden if assign product access is not given
  • File Uploads for Online Proofs and Quotes  Feature Request
  • Bulk Add/Remove Contact Access to Product   Feature Request
  • Billing and Shipping Address security variables
  • Add an internal name for Product Options
  • Added paging to Favorites, Search and Product Lists when products exceed 50
  • Hide Prices Toggle for Browsable Portals   Feature Request

Additional Settings

  • Merge Contact Tool
  • Task Completed Date   Feature Request
  • Customer Search Filters on Orders/Items Custom Export   Feature Request
  • Tax Rate Import   Feature Request
  • Merged the single notes field on Press to the note feature


  • Search filter toggle is now user and page specific
  • Check All results across pages of some modals
  • Multi select options in modals across paging and searches   Feature Request
  • 10 additional pages with smartlists
  • Billing and Shipping Address Enhancements
    • Ability to set as address as billing and/or shipping  Feature Request
  • Wysiwyg Editor
    • Implemented a new updated version
  • Multiple Hot Folder Integrations   Feature Request
  • Added contact number to merge contact  Added Enhancement
  • Import Order Request changes  Added Enhancement
    • Now send a generic note for shipping details instead of shipping note
    • Order id prefills in Order Name (instead of PO)
    • Purchase Order field has been added
    • Files will be passed with correct names
    • Invoice Date will only prefill if posted